Sunday, 25 May 2008

Show and Tell Sunday

Today I am playing for the first time in 'Show and Tell Sunday' hosted by Analise of Sugar Sugar, today its all about china, crystal and silver, well I don't have any silver or crystal but I do have china. I love tea sets, I have four that I would call complete or semi complete, then I have 1 trio. This is all my tea sets together including the trio.The first one I bought was this gorgeous Blue Roses one by Royal vale, I have had it about 15 years, it cost me much more than I would be prepared to pay today.

This beautiful yellow one I picked up from an Oxfam shop about 6 months ago, its a ridgeway design and so summery.

I also got this autumnal one from the same Oxfam shop about 2 weeks ago, its another Royal vale one, but only came with the plates, cups and saucers, no milk jug, sugar bowl or cake plate.

I think this one is my favourite at the moment though, I bought it yesterday from the Willow Wood Hospice shop, its our local hospice, it only cost £4.99 and came with the milk jug, sugar bowl and cake plate, another Royal Vale and its so pretty, the blue doesn't look as lovely in the pics but is a gorgeous perriwinkle blue.

And finally, my trio, I got this from (yet another) charity shop, I think it was Marie Curie about 2 weeks ago, when I had finished my shelves, I wanted something pretty and pink for them and it was only £1.99 too.


just being crafty said...

Love it all!!! Just so pretty!!! Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful stash so good of you to shop at a charity!

Mya said...

Wow, you have a lot of dishes.
They are gorgeous.

Rosanne said...

What lovely dishes, my favourite is the ones with the blue bachelor buttons too!

Counting Your Blessings said...

Hospital thrifts are some of the best places for true vintage stuff. But I'm a equal opportunity thrift shopper =) Blessings... Polly

Anonymous said...

Don`t you just love a good charity shop find? I swear I`d live in one if I could.
warmest regards
x x x

tiffany~shabbyscraps said...

the blue roses are sooo pretty Trish! Thanks for sharing!
xo, Tiffany

Cami said...

What a lovely collection! Love the yellow!

About Me said...

Hello! I love your collection, especially the blue teacups with the bachelor buttons on them! It's nice to know crafty girls all over the world shop at the Thrift Stores. We can find treasures and help people at the same time. What could be better! Happy Sunday! Di

Pinkie Denise said...

Wow so many pretty dishes, thanks for sharing today Pinkie Denise

Lace Threads said...

Is it safe? Is SHE here? No? Good!
Love the china - what a lovely idea to show and tell your china. You have some very pretty pieces.
Caroline xxx

leesiebella said...

Hi Trish!

So so pretty! Your sets are fabulous, I especially love the last little cup and saucer!!

Thanks for sharing today!


Carla said...

Such beautiful pieces show up at your thrift shops! Those blue flowers are so pretty--are they cornflowers? (I remember periwinkle and cornflower blue were two of my favorite crayons.) I like how you have different sets for different seasons. Glad you joined in this week. said...

Those are all so dainty and sweet!

angel said...

Oi Trixie Lixie, where did this lot come from [no not the China, the peep's)!!
I love all your Croc's they are so pretty. :-)
I have a special few in my loft, that I could let you have if your still "In Need".

Love and Huggles. XXXXXXXXXXX
Ps dont tell lacie nicks I was here.

Elly said...

Your collection of china is really gorgeous! Love the ones with the blue flowers! They're so elegant!

Alisa said...

The Blue Roses is gorgeous!

jo said...

They're so pretty hun!!!

I have answered my tagging questions! LOL x

Raspberry Grace said...

Your china is just beautiful, I'm jealous!!

love, Rasp xx

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful collection - thanks for sharing it!