Sunday, 22 June 2008

Corners Of My Home

I haven't updated for a while as we have been a poorly house, first William went down with a throat infection, then I got it, then he got an infected finger and now my glands are all up and very sore, but, never mind, its about time I showed off some corners of my home, today I am showing you my favourite place in my bedroom, its my dressing table and wicker chair. I have only recently got it looking like this, it was a dumping ground for all sorts of rubbish until I got it sorted about a week ago, its still not perfect, but its getting there.

On my dressing table are a few of my handmade crafty bits and a couple vintage items like my Phrenology head ink well thank hubby bought my 8 years ago, some vintage brooches in a vintage glass bowl, the Russian Doll came from Russia via my sister who went there about 15 years ago, its so faded, my own fault for leaving it in the sun. I bought the cream ceramic rose last week from Dunelm Mill and the mirror trinket box was a gift from a wonderful friend.

The wicker chair was found in the loft of one of the (many) homes we have lived in, in the last 10 years, the cushion covers were all made by me and the teddy on the left belonged to a family member who gave it to me when I was small, he is now about 60 years old.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Painted Shelves

At last these shelves are finished and I love them, they are in my dining room above my computer, with 2 of my tea sets on, the top one is what I got from a car boot a couple of weeks ago for £2 (bargain) and the doily was 25p the other day from a local hospice charity shop.

We are hopefully going to finish the chest of drawers tomorrow, a few bits need gluing back on!!! I am happy with it though and it is the perfect size for putting the towels in, in the bathroom.

Recently on the Shabby Chic forum someone asked if anyone knew how to make stuffed boots, well yesterday I had a play and made one for me and one for Gracie for her bedroom, which she loves, I am really pleased with them and may make a few more for gifts for Christmas (yes I know its only June)

Anyway, thats enough from me for today

Trish xxx

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Bargain Shopping Day

yesterday I had to pop to B&Q for some more paint and thought I would have a little look round the shops as well, it has to be done!!! Well I am so glad I did, I went in and out of a few charity shops and nothing to be had, so last, and certainly not least I popped to the local hospice shop and found the bargain of the week (possibly even the year really) A gorgeous embroidered tablecloth, its so pretty all floral and summery, for the grand price of........25p!!!!! what a bargain.

It has a tiny stain on it that doesn't seem to want to go, but its not very noticable, and I am sure once its been on the line in the sun a few more hours it will bleach out. I also got a pretty pink floral pillowcase for 25p and a crochet doily for........ yup.... 25p, the pillowcase will be used when I do gracies patchwork quilt and the doily is for my shelves which have been started, just waiting for coat 2 to dry to see if I need to do another one, pics will follow when finished.

Trish xxx

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Its a Creative World 1st Birthday

Happy birthday to us on IACW we have a prize draw for comments and a prize draw for feedback, so please email us at with the subject BIRTHDAY FEEDBACK and tell us what you want to see from us. Please join in, we have had a fab first year, my highlight of the year was October and the Breakthrough Breast Cancer 'Scrap your Boobs' it was a huge success and we raised over £500 for it. This was my LO for it.

Thats it for today, see you soon

Trish xxx