Sunday, 4 May 2008

Old for New

These are some curtains that we had in our bedroom in our old, old, old, old house, they are far too short for the windows here so I dragged them out of a box and washed them to make them into cushion covers for our bedroom, there is far too much fabric to just make some for me so I am doing a couple for my little sis too, she has just moved into a 200+ year old lodge house (with an AGA!!!!! am so jealous) and wants to shabby chic and olde worlde it all. I have already made her some gingham hearts to hang on doorknobs, no pics of those sorry.


Lace Threads said...

Just popping by to say thanks for your encouragement today. You really helped heaps! You've been busy as well - those cushions will look good. (And I'm jealous of your sister, too!) x said...

Oh my, your sis's house sounds like a dream home.

Thanks for the kind birthday wishes!