Monday, 5 May 2008

Productive Day

Hello, i have been quite productive today, made these 2 hearts, I think I might sell them at my next jewellery party, need to get a few more done too. We also popped to B&Q today too, I got some lovely vintage white paint and 6 lavendar bushes, the paint is for the bathroom cabinets that I am going to shabby up, they are both that horrible orangy pine (yuk) I have taken before pics, but you can wait til they are done till you see them and the after pics. The lavender plants are to go alongside the path at the house end of the garden, they are quite small at the mo but by the time they are fully grown we will have a full hedge along there.Oh well back to work and school tomorrow, I will be out all morning delivering avon also in the evening too, Martin is off though so I might get him started on the cabinets.
Take care all

Trish xxx


Lace Threads said...

Love the hearts...and can't wait to see the bathroom cabinets. Thanks for popping by my blog. The cabinet's looking good - just got to find some cheap fabric to line it with. Will post a mock up pic soon. x

shabby chic said...

Just dropping into say hi. Love the hearts too.
I love painting bits and peices up, its fun creating from old junk no one wants ! I love it !.
I am trying to be greener and like you I do all the basics recycling etc, grow veg. I am going through a decluttering phase in a bid to be more organised . It makes you realise how much you can acumulate. But I have stopped buying clothes and things and gadgets etc as I dont want to buy new things anymore. I would sooner buy car boot bits and peices!. Also i want my children to grow up in the knowledge that you are not defined by the things you own and that its far more important to be a good Green person!

gosh havent I rambled on
drop in and say hi if you get chance x Dom said...

Hmm, I am not sure if my comment went through, I got an error page. All I said was that I really love before and after shots and will be looking forward to seeing your post about it.

Lace Threads said...

Hi you - when are you going to make a new post! I keep checking! ;-)
Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. x