Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Advent Calendar and Toothless Grins!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Sheffield Crop run by Jo and we made advent calendars using baking tins, magnets and bits and bobs from our stash, this is my effort.

I had great fun making this, using loads of bits and bobs that I thought would languish in my craft stash forever!!! Its still not fully finished, I want to get some holly punch outs round some of the edges just to fill a bit more space (hate leaving space lol) The kids have always had an advent calendar each, but this year I will have one too!!!! am getting a little over excited about Christmas now.

And now for something completely different (said in true python fashion) my two toothless kids, 3 teeth out in just over a week, the toothfairy is now officially skint!!! Grace has always had one tooth missing (she only had nineteen) its there but not ever come through, so it may well come now, so at the mo she has 17 teeth William has (at long last) lost the tooth that has been moving for a couple of months, his other top one is on its way out too, anyone want to loan the toothfairy a quid???
Trish xxx

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

I have been playing......

.....with paper and fabric this week, I have made 14 fabric, lavender stuffed hearts for a sale I am doing tonight at brownies and one I am doing in Winchester next weekend with my sister along with dishcloths and jewllery bookmarks.

I hope I can sell them all, mind you they do smell lovely so if they don't sell I am sure I can find a home for them somewhaere in the house.
I have also been playing with paper, lace, ribbon, sparkly bits and glue decorating a couple of bottles that have been lying around waiting for something to be done to them, they had candle sand in them originally and I didn't want to just throw them away and last night I just got loads of bits and bobs out and played.

The printed image is from The graphics fairy she has a new downloadable image every day. I don't think it is quite finished yet, but am not sure what it needs, but i know it needs something. Now I need to decide what to fill the bottle with, if anything.
Thank you for stopping by.
Trish xxx

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Gorgeous Shabby Chic Swap

The theme for the October swap on the Shabby Chic forum was 'PINK' and the lovely Viv sent me a fabby gorgeous parcel of goodies, sorry about the photo quality but had to take it indoors and couldn't seem to get the light right.

I got a lovely pink apron, love pinnies, I have 3 full ones and 2 half ones now, a beautifully smelly candle and a notebook and funky pink pencil too, I think Grace might pinch the pencil mind!!! Thank you again Viv xxx

I am using the notebook to write down all my grocery expenditure (blimey thats a big old word for me this week) for each month starting with this month. We are doing a monthly grocery challenge over on Shabby Chic, I have given myself a target of £350 this month and am writing each total down as I come back from shopping and breaking it down into weeks too, so far the total is just over £30, I am hoping that this will make me realise how much I actually spend on crap each month and be able to keep within a decent budget because, to be totally honest I have no idea how much I spend on food, I just spend it!!! shocking really!!!

I have started a new job this week too, I have at least 3 months work at a local school as a relief midday supervisor, am enjoying it so far, the girls I work with are as mad as hatters (I am fitting in quite well) and good fun, I am just finding it hard to fit everything in I want/need to do. My evenings are filled with knitting dishcloths, making jewellery and Christmas decorations ready for 2 craft fairs I have coming up soon, the time seesm to have crept up on me, but it is relaxing.

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Trish xxx