Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Good Bye for now

I am temporarily closing my blog for family reasons. Thank you for understanding.

Trish xxx

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A Thank You, a Cake and a Cushion

First of all I must say thank you to Kate from Emily Pickle Material Addict for the gorgeous T shirt she sent me for Grace, last week Kate had blogged about some t shirts she had done for sale in her Folksy Store one had a small hole (and it is tiny!!!) and kate was not happy about selling it, but offered it to anyone who wanted it on her blog, si I put my hand up and asked, I felt very cheeky, but I am so glad I did, both Grace and I love the T shirt, its just perfect for her.

I think I will be keeping an eye on Kates shop and maybe buying another for her too, thank you again Kate.

Today I am just pottering around the house and garden, I have sown some poppy seeds, 2 packs, both free from magazines, ironed some HAMA beads for the kids, made a banana cake from a recipe from my lovely friend Becca, I have made it loads of times and its lovely. If anyone wants the recipe let me know in the comments and I will put it on the blog at some point, I add walnuts to my version, I think it helps make it a bit firmer.

I have also made something for William that I have wanted to do for ages, but just never got round to, he has badgered me for days to get it done so today I did, a Union Flag cushion cover for his room, it goes lovely with the paper chain and HAMA bead flag he also has in there, its becoming a theme in his room I think.

Just looking at the pics, I may cut a star from some blue fabric and put it in the centre of the cushion, it might look a bit more finished than as I feel maybe it isn't.

Oh well, the hoover is calling me, I really need to get vacuumed upstairs today so I supose I had better get on with it.

Thanks for visiting

Trish xxx

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Happy Birthday Gracie

Today is Graces 6th Birthday, 6 years ago today Martin was due to start work at his new job but ended up phoning in and asking for a week off, where have those 6 years gone???

This is the cake I spent hours attempting yesterday, this one is the second one, the first ended up in the bin as it was a total disaster, I tried a new recipe, I will not be using it again!!!

The cake is PINK!!!! but Grace doesn't know this yet as we haven't cut it, just blew out the candles before Martin went off to work this morning. Can you see the sparkly pink top? it is edible cake glitter, I got it from here after reading about it on Karlas blog its so gorgeous to look at and really sparkles in the light, I will be making more cakes just to use the glitter, I will also put it on ice cream and anything else I can find that needs glittering up.
This was just a quickie today, thanks for visiting
Trish xxx

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Black Eyes and a Birthday

What a week, it has been my last week at my current relief job at a local infant school, I have covered every school day since the beginning of November and yesterday was my last day there, I am still on the books for cover but not on a semi permanent basis now, well I had to go in in the morning to help present the prizes for the Easter Bonnet competition that us dinner ladies do every year, so we did all this and went back to our little place at the back of the hall behind all the kids, staff and parents, the head was thanking the parents for coming and asked for a couple more minutes of their time when I heard my name called along with another lady who is a part time secretary as we were both leaving, we were both presented with lovely flowers from the kids and staff at the school, I was not expecting anything at all and was very supprised and extremely happy and blubbed a little too. At lunchtime I went back in to do my last shift and the girls I work with and the kitchen girls had bought me another bunch of flowers and some chocolates too (more blubbing!!!) What a lovely thing for them to all do as I am only relief, it made my day.

Aren't they beautiful, I have popped some daffs from my garden in with them too.

Yesterday morning we were at Graces school waiting to go in, and as usual William was off playing with his mates that have younger brothers or sisters at the school, I was chatting (what a suprise) when William came up to me with his hand over his eye, saying he had got bumped, I took his hand away and nearly passed out!!!!! the biggest swollen eye ever!!!! it had come up in seconds, I quickly got him into the school and got an ice pack for him, we walked over to his school, I spoke to his teacher and we both agreed that maybe he should stay off for the morning at least, so off we went to my work then back home for calpol and nurofen and a HUGE cup of tea for me, at lunchtime he came into work with me and helped by giving out stickers and generally helping. He decided that he wanted to go into school for the afternoon as they were having a Roman Feast as part of the topic they are doing this term, so I let him go in, I am glad I did as he enjoyed himself and the swelling had gone down a fair bit by then too. This morning he looks like he had been bopped by Ricky Hatton!!! a beautiful bruiser.

It is Graces 6th Birthday on Tuesday, so we had her party today as a lot of her friends are going away for the Easter break. I took a picture of her in front of my lovely flowers cuddling her favourite (so far) pressie, unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the party as I was running around like a headless chicken, we had it at home and made Easter bookmarks from kits from Baker Ross, it was great fun and she enjoyed every minute. I am making her a cake for her birthday and William is helping, I will make sure I get pics of that.

Well, thats it for today, I still have a fair amount of cleaning up to do!!! thanks for stopping by

Trish xxx