Friday, 9 May 2008

Charity Shop Finds

Yesterday I went shopping in a local largish town just to go shopping in various charity shops, there wasn't a great deal but I did manage to pick up a few bits and a couple of new things too.

The rosey vintage style tea towels are from Wilkinsons, a bit of a bargain at £1.99, much cheaper than some of the designer ones you can get, the glass dish was 50p and will sit on my dressing table with my brooches in, the enamel tin was £1 I was hoping to be able to use it for pies but am not so sure now as it is a little rusty, unless someone lovley knows how I can bring it back to a useable state :) and the crochet doily was also 50p and is to sit under my bowl of pot pourri in the front room. I am happy with what I found, I also bought a really pretty brooch too, but that will be for another day. Take care and have a good day

Trish xxx


Lace Threads said...

Trish: they're lovely finds. The tea-towels are a bargain - I'm going to check in Wilkos tomorrow, as I've got to go there. Thanks for the tip. x

Shannon said...

First timer here.
I think your charity shops are my Secondhand Stores. I love find good deals.. I would probably like a flea market too. Nice finds!

shabby chic said...

Wilkinsons is a great shop for all sorts, they are lovely print the tea towels x