Monday, 12 May 2008

More Painting!!!

I seem to have found a love for painting bits of furniture, I bought these shelves on saturday, they had been sanded, so i just gave them a wash and got started with the paintbrush, now like the muppet I sometimes am, I forgot to take pics before and before I put it on the wall, so this was the best I could do I'm afraid, as I have to get at an angle to take it :)
On the top is the angel I made using the pattern from Tona Finnangers Sew Pretty Homestyle
the middle shelf has an expresso set from AVON on it, on the bottom shelf is a piggybank that I have had for about 20 years and it was quite old when I bought it and my lovely new trio I bought from a charity shop this morning for £1.99.
Trish xxx

7 comments: said...

When you see what a big change a coat of paint can make it does become addictive, doesn't it?

Erica said...

I love the way the painted white cabinets ect. look in cottage decorating. I love that style but also love the color black. My kitchen cabinets and bookshelves in my front room are black. I love them but I am so tempted to paint everything white. But then I love the black but I like the white.... Ooh what a dilema!

shabby chic said...

shelf looks great. I love filling shelves up with trinkets! It is amazing what paint does it transforms things

Lace Threads said...

Your shelf looks absolutely lovely, and so do all the bits on it.
Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. xx

Lace Threads said...

Where is it?! I wanna see buttons! x

jo said...

OOh gorgeous hun!! xx

Anonymous said...

DroolI love that rack trix, that looks lubly.
Well done.
angel X