Thursday, 5 March 2009

Crochet.................. very addictive!!!! I had forgotten how addictive actually, its all the fault of Lace Hearts and (because I have just found her blog) Attic24 as well as quite a few of the girls on the Shabby Chic forum!!! I found the pattern for the flowers on Attic24s blog, had a practise on some old (bright green) wool then went shopping for more lovely yarn to make more which I turned into bunting of a sort for my mantlepiece, I think they look quite pretty there.

I have also done one granny square (so far) for a blanket I want for the sofa and a cushion cover, well the front of a cushion cover really which is like a giant granny square.

I had a bash at making a three layered flower too, using the pattern from Attic24 again but adding to it, I am pleased with how it has turned out and may make more as corsages or just to pop around the place looking pretty. The next crochet thingy I want to have a go at is the ripple stitch but as yet I haven't found a pattern/tutorial that I understand.

Sorry the photo quality is a bit pants in that last pic!!!
mmmmm, now onto Februarys Grocery Challenge, well, I overspent by over £30, but never mind, I am back on track and hope that this month I can be good and only spend my budget, I suppose though, in all fairness (does that sound like and excuse???) I did buy loads of meat from the butcher and made up a good few meals for the freezer so some of that could really be carried over to this month (mm it is an excuse really).
thanks for stopping by
Trish xxx


MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo Trish your bunting is delicious, you are so clever I am very much a novice and don't think I would ever master it as well as you, you clever thing it is soooo pretty :)

Glad you liked the wellies and lounger, were half price bargains so maked me feel better :)


MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo and I think the SC Cafe need to see that bunting too :)


jo said...

Cute flowers!! I can't crochet to save my life LOL!!!

angel said...

How lovely are they Treacle, Wow you clever thing you and so neat... i wish i could crochet ....just like what you can.:-)
Well done and so cute.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

First time visiting you!
How nice of lovely Caroline at Lace Hearts to give tutorials... she is such a SWEET HEART!
Love what you have done!
Debbie Moss

Lace hearts said...

Your crochet is absolutely gorgeous... love the bunting and the granny square. It's such a fun and relaxing thing to do... I'm so glad I helped to inspire you. xxx

nicki said...

Hi....I think Lucy at attic24 may be responsible for SO many women crocheting flowers!
It's brilliant isn't it.....I found her blog and am now an addict too......lots of flowers and 9 squares into my blanket!

Attic24 said...

FABULOUS!!! Love the three layered flower very much, and the flower bunting string, oh yes and the grannies of course. All scrumptious.
Have a happy hooky weekend

angel said...

Treacle, she is so very rood, not like wot we

I tried and tried [last night] to get do another bit of crotcheting but keep having to undo it, grrrr.

Please send me some talent, co's if i could do what you do i would be a very happy bunnikins...:-)

Love and huggles honey. Mwah

angel said...

Hello teracle, have you had a blog lift, its looking very posh here.
I am still trying to crochet.....
Love and hugs Honey. XXXXXXXXXXXX