Sunday, 22 February 2009

Sewing again

I have started to feel a little more crafty recently (hoooraaahhhh) this morning I have made a patchwork cushion cover using This tutorial as also seen on Lace Hearts and I love it I will admit to buying some red fabrics to boost up my limited supply of reds to make this, but I am sure they will come in handy for other things too.

It looks very pretty on my sofa. I also stitched some fabric samples onto a plain canvas shopping bag, it has been sitting (pinned) in a drawer for months and I found it this morning while sorting out the fabric for the cushion cover, so thats another UFO finished.

I am so happy to be making stuff again, finishing off the greenhouse and digging our new veg patch may have had something to do with my need to be creative too.

I keep forgetting to update on how I am doing with the grocery challenge, well January we came in under budget by about £38, but this month we may be slightly over our £310 budget as we have already spent £261 and have a week to go, but we will see.

Trish xxx


Cath said...

Brilliant makes Trish. So glad you're getting crafty again. Maybe we'll even see you at the crop??!!

jo said...

Ooooh! Blogger was right - you have updated your blog!!

Good to see you getting crafty again. I love that cushion cover. I still have two upstairs that I started about 15 years ago and haven't finished yet!

angel said...

I love that cushion Treacle, s'luverly.:-)
The bag is also a brill idea, you is so cleverererer.:-)
Your Dresser is to die for! wowow.

Lovely to see you blogging again, oh and getting crafty.:-)

Loads of huggles Honey. Mwah XXXXXX

Ps well done on your grocery challenge..whoop whooh....

Trish said...

angel, it just the shelves, hubby painted it for me, but I think I want them cream now *ooops*

Jo, you are cheeky :P

Cath, yes you will, at some point LOL

angel said...

Yeah, well there still BEAUTIFUL..... *slather*

Anonymous said...

I love the patchwork cushion ... in my favourite colours. Well done!

Agree with Angel about the shelves green or cream they look good!

claire said...

Wow that patchwork looks fab:)
My first attempt was pretty crap tbh!! I think I was too stingy with the fabric and seam allowances!!!
Glad you have your creative mojo back xxxx

Elaine said...

I really should give the cushions a go for my large ones, yours looks so good, it's inspiring.
I love the "UFOs", I have lots of those *blush*

Love and blessings

Lace hearts said...

I'm so glad you're sewing again - fab for you. Your cushion looks so much nicer than mine - much more planned with the colours. I must try that.
Thanks for your lovely texts last night. They really helped. xxx

MaryPoppins said...

I love your cushion, it is so sweet, I kept getting muddled up when I did mine much littler one :)

Thank you for the lovely welcome :)