Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Flowers, Veggies and a Poorly Boy

My garden is starting to come to life, the bluebells should be out soon, the leaves are all there ready and waiting for those beautiful blue flowers to bloom, the daffs are out and looking sunny and cheerful, I picked a few on Sunday to put in a jug and the scent as you walk in the room is amazing, much more than from shop bought ones (well the ones I have ever bought from the shops)

The seedlings I planted just over a week ago are coming up nicely, well, some are, so far 3 cucumber seeds have sprouted, 8 tomato seeds (four different varieties) and 1 sweetpea, I am hoping that more of the sweetpeas sprout soon, I have a wall in the garden that needs brightening up and they are just the ticket I think. This is our third year of veggie growing, it has only been tomatos and carrots before though, this year we have the greenhouse (a fab freecycle find last year) and our raised bed, it is 8'x4' and we are planning all sorts for it, just hope we can fit it all in!!! I also have some early potatoes which are chitting nicely on the kitchen windowsill which will go in some spud tubs, I have two at the mo but want to get a couple more of them as growing spuds in tubs seems to be a lot easier than growing them in the ground and they don't take up space that can be used for other yummy veg like carrots, cauli, beans and peas. The toms, cucumber, chilli and peppers will be growing in the greenhouse, I really can't wait to start getting it all out in the plot and the greenhouse, and neither can the kids.

Talking of kids, last week Grace was very poorly with a nasty tummy bug, we kept William away from her as he had a cubs sleepover on Saturday/Sunday and was so excited about going, luckily it seemed to work and off he went and had a wonderful time and earned three more badges (which mommy still has to sew on!!!). He came home on Sunday lunchtime full of stories and excitement then all of a sudden, or so it seemed, he dropped, he had a good long sleep on the sofa and we thought he was just very tired, when he gets this tired we have to watch him as in October when we visited Dad in France he collapsed, it was very scarey at the time, but we have been told by the doctor that it was just a mix of excitement, tiredness and heat, so I was a little worried, but he woke up and seemed ok, still tired but nothing else, then Sunday night it started, he had the same tummy bug, so he is off school this week. He seems a little better today, but I will keep him home again tomorrow to be on the safe side. Mind you, looking at this pic which I took this morning, he doesn't look too ill LOL.

Thanks for stopping by

Trish xxx


Anonymous said...

Hope William is bucked up by this lovely weather. A good rest never hurt anyone ... hope he is feeling better soon!

Hope the rest of your are well also.

katie squirrel x said...

Awwwwwwwww so many bugs around - had to collect Ashley from school Monday feeling sick and kept him off yesterday - hope William feels much better soon and that Grace is fighting fit again (and that you two dont get it either!)..........

will we see you Saturday luvvie as we missed you - its so quiet you know when you arent there (well, apart from you know who droning on!)

Trish said...

awww katie hun, I miss you lot too, am not sure about this month, you will just have to tell you know who to shut up!!!!!! LOL
Hope Ashley is feeling better soon xxx

Felicity said...

Hi Trish

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog,

I've just been looking at your blog, its gorgeous, I love your crochet flower bunting, and your patchwork cushion, Id love to be able to do patchwork, I need to have a go!!

Thanks again,
Felicity xx

Lace hearts said...

It's horrible when they're ill, isn't it. I hope he is much better by now. I've had one off last week, and another off today- hoping tomorrow will be back to normal!
Your seedlings are doing so well. I'll have to check ours tomorrow. Not sure they'll have poked their heads up yet. xxx

Lucy said...

I too am waiting for my bluebells to arrive. Hope all better soon in your household. Lucy x

angel said...

Oh bless his heart, poorly boy, its probably all them badges he won, he is a clever little man, i hope he is better now.
I love hearing about all your lovely growing fingys, its awesome seeing stuff grow.:-) Bargain with the freecycle find.
Lovely post honey.:-)

Love and hugs Mwah X x X x X x X x X

Felicity said...

Hi Trish,
I've got a crochet tea cosy pattern I think, I'll have a look and post it on my blog for you, hopefully tomorrow, but will let you know first.
I love pots of tea its like being in your own little cafe!!
Felicity xx