Saturday, 5 July 2008

Shabby Chic June Swap

I have been so busy this week, working at nursery every day and getting the AVON out as well.Anyway, here is what I received in the Shabby Chic Forum June swap, isn't it fab, the theme was strawberries and cream, the wonderful Bliss of Country Bliss was sending to me, I have a gorgeous jug cover, I used to have one years ago all lace and beads but it seems to have disappeared, so am so happy to have another one, a beautiful smelling strawberry sachet, it smells just like strawberries :) yummy!!!!! The next item has been commandeered by Gracie, she loves it, its a lovely japanese crocheted strawberry toy, its sooooooo sweet also a lovely handmade card too, so thank you Bliss hunny, I love it all xxx

I really wanted to get out in the garden and get some pictures of my climbing rose bush today, but its tipping down with rain, so hopefully it will stop later. We were also going to go to the Glossop Carnival later, but I think 2 miles is too far to walk in this weather, especially for the kids, and the traffic will be horrendous so I am not driving. Its on tomorrow too, but Martin is back at work and I really wanted us to go as a family this year, oh well never mind.

Trish xxx


Lace Threads said...

Wow, you got a lovely little collection of things for the swap.
Don't blame you for not wanting to go out in the rain. But it's got lovely and sunny here now, so maybe it'll move your way soon!
Missing the forum badly. How addictive has it become?! xxxxxx

Trish said...

it has stopped raining now, so we might go after all. Am missing the forum like mad!!!!!!

Elaine said...

Lovely swap goodies, and I'm getting a few ideas for the future!

missing the forum too, there are still some without blogs too.

Love and blessings

Clutterfree said...

Trixie hope it is okay to post this on here, if not delete it please!
I am trying to reach as many SC members as possible...

Hi All,
Whilst the forum is down, I have set up a chat room so at least we can have somewhere to stay in touch.
There is no need to register - just log in under your usual user name so that we know who you are! You do need Java on your computer to make the chat room work, though.
I only have Angels & Bibbly's email addresses so please pass this on to any others you know.

The chat room can be found at:

I need my fix!!! lol

Pass it on!

PS If anyone has Debbie's email and could pass this on to her then perhaps she could post the link under the "maintenance message" on the forum so people can find us.
I know it is just a chat room but it saves going cold turkey! lol

PPS I am also trying to PM people but MSE only allows 1 PM to be sent every 10 minutes!!!! Don't really want to post it on the Shabby Chic thread as it is a private chat room. said...

Hope your carnival didn't get rained out!

angel said...

Ok how did i miss this...Hum.... i have read it before and know i left a message and know i probably accidentally deleted it so i appologise Treacle.... dont do it again angel........see i told myself off.......norty angel...see i did it again.........