Saturday, 12 July 2008

A Few More Charity Shop Bargains

Recently I have been looking for Glass candlesticks all thanks to Kristy of Vintage Pleasure and have found these five at local Charity Shops, they look so pretty all stood together on my windowsill in the dining room with tiny pink gingham ribbon tied round each of them, I took the pic outside as its quite dark with this dreary weather indoors at the mo. They were all bargains the two pinky ones were 60p each, the tallest one was £1.25, the tiny one 59p and the pretty cut glass one was £1.
I also got this pretty china cake plate for £1.49 isn't it sweet? I have made a banana cake today so will be serving it on the plate later. I think my hubby is getting used to me buying what he might call tat!!! and just lets me get on with it now.

There is a car boot sale locally tomorrow morning so if I can get myself out of bed I will pop along to that, I might find some more lovely bargains if I am lucky.

Trish xxx


angel said...

Liking the cake thingy Treacle, s'lovely honey, the candlesticks are really sweet and such a bargain, yippee.
Love and huggles *Treacle* Mwah.
X x X x X x X

Lace Threads said...

What lovely things - envious of the cake plate, especially. Could you post a piece of banana cake, please. xxx

MaryPoppins said...

Oh yes the cake sounds lovely beautiful finds
Am doing a car boot too actually not too far from you I am there to make money yet a girl cant help have a look around eh X

shabby chic said...

I love the candlesticks they look lovely and I bet they look lovely lit at night too. I love the cake stand it has a really pretty look. China is so addictive and I cant stop buying tea sets, considering I have only one mouth !

Lace Threads said...

See, I just couldn't stop myself. I got this award, see, and I had to award it to my very bestest blogging mates, see, and as you're top of the list (in case angel comes back - course you're bestest, Angel!) I just had to award it to you! pant pant.
Hope you're doing okay. Missing our old spars on the forum. xxx

angel said...

Uh O, I see Lactic, fanks, sticking tongue out.

Yes Treacle where ar eyou honey Im really missing you.......... sob... are you ok.
I hope all the family are feeling better. Mwah Mwah Mwah [you know i love you bestest] :-)