Sunday, 22 June 2008

Corners Of My Home

I haven't updated for a while as we have been a poorly house, first William went down with a throat infection, then I got it, then he got an infected finger and now my glands are all up and very sore, but, never mind, its about time I showed off some corners of my home, today I am showing you my favourite place in my bedroom, its my dressing table and wicker chair. I have only recently got it looking like this, it was a dumping ground for all sorts of rubbish until I got it sorted about a week ago, its still not perfect, but its getting there.

On my dressing table are a few of my handmade crafty bits and a couple vintage items like my Phrenology head ink well thank hubby bought my 8 years ago, some vintage brooches in a vintage glass bowl, the Russian Doll came from Russia via my sister who went there about 15 years ago, its so faded, my own fault for leaving it in the sun. I bought the cream ceramic rose last week from Dunelm Mill and the mirror trinket box was a gift from a wonderful friend.

The wicker chair was found in the loft of one of the (many) homes we have lived in, in the last 10 years, the cushion covers were all made by me and the teddy on the left belonged to a family member who gave it to me when I was small, he is now about 60 years old.


Lace Threads said...

Oh, I love corners of my home posts - I must do one of these. My wicker chair is just like yours, with special cushions and my [cough cough] years old rabbit and panda.
Your dressing table looks lovely - puts mine to shame. In fact, will go tidy now!
Sorry to hear you are still suffering. Get better soon, hun. xxxxxxx

angel said...

Now you see, when I was so desperatly ill, I was so bad that I couldnt possibly have cleaned anything, I must have been a lot worserer than you trickletreat.
cough cough wheeze see I still have it, I dont know how Im managing I really dont!

Anyhow, the dumping ground you speak of, I have one just like that too! amazing we could be twins!!!!!!!!!!!

The Head on the side of your bed..Hubbies idea was it, Hummmmm, Nice.
I love the chair treacle, what a find.
I love teddy, he is sixty is he....and you had him when you was little.........that makes you !!!!!!!! about 110 years old, you dont look that old.

Lubs you Honey glad your feeling a bit better. Mwah.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Lace Threads said...

LMHO here - Angel, I misread that the first time as well ... couldn't understand how he could be 60 and Trixie looks as if she's still in kindergarten!
How comes you are writing an essay on here! Hmmmm?! Have to dash off on mine, and stop to write a tome on lovely trixie's post. I shall now visit your blog!
Big hugs, Trish, hope you are okay. xxxxxx

angel said...

Cause I lubs her more. LOL

Trish said...

mad pair, I am nearly 40 not quite 60 yet lol

TattingChic said...

Lovely little corner. You've dressed it up so nicely. I hope you and your family are all feeling better soon.
Thanks for visiting my post and leaving such a sweet comment! I do hope you learn tatting, I really do!!

Elaine said...

I am so useless at keeping up with blogs, I do hope you're all better now, no more sore throats or anything.

I love your teddy. I have one similar I had since I was little, but of course mine is only 23!!!

Love and blessings

Миловика said...

I`m from Russia. We call your Russian Doll - Matryoska. Your home so cosy!