Monday, 9 June 2008

Painted Shelves

At last these shelves are finished and I love them, they are in my dining room above my computer, with 2 of my tea sets on, the top one is what I got from a car boot a couple of weeks ago for £2 (bargain) and the doily was 25p the other day from a local hospice charity shop.

We are hopefully going to finish the chest of drawers tomorrow, a few bits need gluing back on!!! I am happy with it though and it is the perfect size for putting the towels in, in the bathroom.

Recently on the Shabby Chic forum someone asked if anyone knew how to make stuffed boots, well yesterday I had a play and made one for me and one for Gracie for her bedroom, which she loves, I am really pleased with them and may make a few more for gifts for Christmas (yes I know its only June)

Anyway, thats enough from me for today

Trish xxx


Lace Threads said...

You've been busy. You see, I waste all my time posting. I should post less and do more! I love the shelves, and those boots are so cute.
I used your lovely bag on Saturday, and it was fab for carrying all our bits and pieces - including the skirt! Thank you again. xxx

Lace Threads said...


angel said...

Sorry I'v been all over the place lately.
I love that Cabinet Trickle, that is so lovely I want one......NOW. Please.

I Wub ya loads Trickle.

Ok and you Lastic.

Lace Threads said...

I wubs you both. Hope you're up and running and back to normal Trish. xxx

jo said...

Lovely stuff hun!!! xx

Lace Threads said...

You haven't updated, so I'll leave a comment here again! Thank you for your lovely comment.
Have you seen Angel's hilarious comment on my blog?! She's been ill as well, poor thing. You must have caught it on that evening you both went out, without me.

Lavender hearts said...

Hi, Oh good, found another nice blog! I love the green shelf and you are so clever making those boots, I'd make a real hash out of those!

Anonymous said...

Your cabinet turned out lovely. The green is luscious!