Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A Thank You, a Cake and a Cushion

First of all I must say thank you to Kate from Emily Pickle Material Addict for the gorgeous T shirt she sent me for Grace, last week Kate had blogged about some t shirts she had done for sale in her Folksy Store one had a small hole (and it is tiny!!!) and kate was not happy about selling it, but offered it to anyone who wanted it on her blog, si I put my hand up and asked, I felt very cheeky, but I am so glad I did, both Grace and I love the T shirt, its just perfect for her.

I think I will be keeping an eye on Kates shop and maybe buying another for her too, thank you again Kate.

Today I am just pottering around the house and garden, I have sown some poppy seeds, 2 packs, both free from magazines, ironed some HAMA beads for the kids, made a banana cake from a recipe from my lovely friend Becca, I have made it loads of times and its lovely. If anyone wants the recipe let me know in the comments and I will put it on the blog at some point, I add walnuts to my version, I think it helps make it a bit firmer.

I have also made something for William that I have wanted to do for ages, but just never got round to, he has badgered me for days to get it done so today I did, a Union Flag cushion cover for his room, it goes lovely with the paper chain and HAMA bead flag he also has in there, its becoming a theme in his room I think.

Just looking at the pics, I may cut a star from some blue fabric and put it in the centre of the cushion, it might look a bit more finished than as I feel maybe it isn't.

Oh well, the hoover is calling me, I really need to get vacuumed upstairs today so I supose I had better get on with it.

Thanks for visiting

Trish xxx


Anonymous said...

Hi Trish & Grace, great to see the T-shirt in action. Kate xxtedergin

Anonymous said...

Hi me again, wasn't supposed to write "tedergin" there, it's that silly word verification thingy! Will try to write it in the box this time! Kate x

Lace hearts said...

Wow, cute cushion, and lovely t-shirts. Emily Pickle has made me lmho. I'll have to do that one. xxx ailarice!