Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Happy Birthday Gracie

Today is Graces 6th Birthday, 6 years ago today Martin was due to start work at his new job but ended up phoning in and asking for a week off, where have those 6 years gone???

This is the cake I spent hours attempting yesterday, this one is the second one, the first ended up in the bin as it was a total disaster, I tried a new recipe, I will not be using it again!!!

The cake is PINK!!!! but Grace doesn't know this yet as we haven't cut it, just blew out the candles before Martin went off to work this morning. Can you see the sparkly pink top? it is edible cake glitter, I got it from here after reading about it on Karlas blog its so gorgeous to look at and really sparkles in the light, I will be making more cakes just to use the glitter, I will also put it on ice cream and anything else I can find that needs glittering up.
This was just a quickie today, thanks for visiting
Trish xxx


Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday Grace!

Felicity said...

yummy looking cake, I might try some of that glitter!!

Joshy loves glitter, Im sure he should be a girl, he he!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Trish, the birthday girl is very welcome to the T-shirt, I'm glad it has found a good home. I don't want anything in return but I will send you a few business cards so if anyone admires the top while Grace is modelling it for me I would be grateful if you would pass on my details. My email is kate@emilysmum.plus.com so if you let me know your address, I will pop it in the post. Kate x ps. I can't believe you put a cake in the bin, the one in the pic looks fab though!

toothfairytrace said...

It's beautiful - hope it was yummy!

Belated birthday wishes xxxx

Felicity said...

Hi Trish
thanks for your nice comment, I was feeling a bit low so it was nice to see some friendly comments!!

hope you had a nice Easter, I haven't started the tea cosy either yet, it prob will just go on to my never ending list and be forgotten!! he he!! x x