Sunday, 12 October 2008

More Shelves to paint and a bargain

Hello :) 2 posts in one week!!! Well I did promise to show my charity shop bargain, a gorgeous diary, unused (which helps) and only £1.60, its a perpetual diary, there are no dates at all and there is a week to each double page, its so pretty and I love it.

My other bargain of the week was found in a shop that had closed and the lady who owned the flat upstairs was doing a house clearance in there, she has recently moved to Italy and wanted to get rid of all her old junk, I bought a few things from her, a couple of glass candlesticks (yes more I have 14 now) a TG Green blue and white stripe mustard pot and a few toys for the kids, but this really took my eye!!! I asked the price and she told me £25, so I ummed and ahhed and said I would ask my hubby, well I walked or drove past it every day, then Friday I decided I wanted it, I walked in and asked would they take £20 and they said yes, so I paid and brought home my gorgeous new shelves that were begging to be tarted up and put up on my dining room wall.

Thank you for popping by, back again soon

Trish xxx


Anonymous said...

Oooh what bargains - especially the shelves.... WELL DONE!

angel said...

Wow, i'm loving that Purpetual Diary and those shelves are WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW 20 squids is a BARGAIN........... well done Treacle, now show us it in situ.... come on mush mush...... is it done yet ...... waiting .... bored now .......Lol.
Love and hugs Honey Mwah X x X x X

jakey said...

Lovely bargains Trish! Trawling charity shops and car boot sales is my favourite thing... you never know what you're going to find. Those shelves are a steal!

second wind said...

Very classy shelves, you got yourself a real bargain there. Can't wait to see them all prettied up

Lace hearts said...

You've done really well with those shelves - and you're up to 14 candlesticks, huh?! You must have long shelves and lots of dusters. lol.
Can't wait to see how they look. x

thecraftytrundler said...

Wish I could find bargains like that!!! Will have to keep looking!!