Thursday, 25 September 2008

More Blackberries

Long time no blog!!! well not that long, but nearly 2 weeks. Firstly I would like to thank you all for the lovely comments on my last post about our wedding, you helped to make my day xxx

On Sunday afternoon we went up the lane blackberry picking again, got a good 3.5lbs this time and some were real juicers, so I saved about 1lb for pies and used the rest to make jam, blackberry and apple, it turned out lovely (even if I do say so myself) got 7.5 jars and now 3 pies too, 2 in the freezer and one, nearly gone with hot custard last night!!! YUM!!!

Its a little more fluid than shop bought, but very nice, I have done the recipe on It's a Creative World today, we also have 2 new design team members too Jo and Paula both girls are fab designers and lovely too.
I have been out in the garden this morning, hoeing, raking and planting daffodil bulbs, so can't wait to see them in the spring, they are one of my fave flowers.
Thats it for today, thanks for visiting


Lace hearts said...

Hurray, you posted again. I don't know, these newly weds. Just don't find the time! lol
Yummy - I love blackberry jam, and you had a haul. xxx

second wind said...

oooo homemade jam, so delicious especially when it's from the hedgerows. I've not found any yet this year.
x Deb

Elaine said...

I've not seen any blackberries worth picking yet. The jam looks scrummy!

Love and blessings

angel said...

Where you bin you norty norty girl, we have missed you blogging, i was so fed up reading all the same words ............ i used to sit here for hour looking ..... and where was you ......... galavanting thats where ........ looking for blackberrys ..... yeah right .............. i dont even like blackberrys! thanks very much ..... Ooops i am supposed to be nice to everyone today .......... oh that Jam looks lovely, very tasty, yum yum. see i can be nice. ;_)