Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Summer Hols

Well, we are half way through the summer holidays, me and martin have both been ill, he still has man flu!!! The kids have been having fun and enjoying the sunshine, until yesterday when the rain started again. I have got all their school uniform and stuff reafy apart from the shoes and pumps, they can wait til next week I think.
I really need to pull my finger out and get some more jewellery done, I haven't made anything in ages now, the reason being I have been making stuff for christmas, I know I know, its only August, but I love Christmas time its my favourite time of the year, I have made all my cards already, and the decs for a swap I am in on the WL site and decs for my tree too, I can't help myself I am so excited already.


Maria said...

Ooh, I love Christmas too.

Your two looks so cute in their uniforms.

Happy Friday xxx

jo said...

Aw bless them!! Don't they look cute! xx