Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Long time and sad news

As a lot of my friends will know we lost my father in law to cancer at the beginning of May, I stopped the blog when he became ill as Martin needed me and I didn't have the inclination to post, luckily Brians pain lasted only 12 days, not so for my friend Julie who passed away this morning after a huge battle against breast cancer and then secondary breast cancer. This news is still very raw to me I only found out an hour ago but, I need to do this and try to make other women aware that its secondary breast cancer that kills more women each year than breast cancer itself. At the beginning of this year Julie asked me to help make people more aware of this as she knew about our Breakthrough Breast Cancer work on its a creative world and because of family commitments and life in general I didn't get round to it and then left IACW.
Julie was a very brave very strong woman, she never let her primary cancer get her down, and earlier this year she had a reconstruction of her boob and she was elated, she had beaten it, but then came the news only weeks later that she had the secondary, it was in her bones and left lung. Julie told me not long after that that there is no cure for the secondary cancer all they can do is releive your pain, she told me that she would be happy if she got five years, she didn't get much more than five months.
I am still crying and reeling from this news, RIP Julie xxx


Lace hearts said...

You've had a terrible year, and I'm so sorry to read this. You're in my thoughts, very firmly. You must be in absolute shock. xxx

jo said...

Oh hun - sat here in tears for you. Sending you massive squishy hugs xxxxx

Kelly said...

so sorry xx

angel said...

Thinking of you Treacle.

Lajoni said...

My heart goes out to her family and also to you ..much love hunny xxxx

katie squirrel xxx said...

Aww Trish so sorry to hear about your friend - such sad news. Keep looking to see if you have updated and thought you had then wished you didnt have to... you have been through so much this year. Have missed you at the crop - its been quiet without you my dear (well apart from the old bag this month!)... take care of yourselves.. lots of love.... Katie xxx

Becca said...

Just caught up with your sad news, am so sorry {{{hugs}}} xxx

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