Saturday, 30 August 2008


Lots of floral things today, well a couple anyway, first off is the doorstops I have made for myself out or remnants from my local fabric shop, the large floral cost me 50p for a HUGE piece, the green smaller floral which is a Laura Ashley print apparently cost me nothing, the lovely lady in the shop let me have it for free!!! and i have some left over for boots or hearts. I have been asked in the comments what I have filled them with, I have used cheapy rice from tesco, 2kg in the big one and 1kg in the smaller one.

I have been enjoying liking florals again after many years of thinking *yuk* and recently I have bought a few floral prints, in charity shops, for very little money. These two I bought a couple of months ago for 80p each in the most awful frames you have ever seen, I took them out and binned the frames (they were really bad) trimmed them down and they fitted perfectly in these lovely cream IKEA frames. At the moment they are sitting on my large chest of drawers in the dining room, but eventually I want to have a whole wall in the living room of lovely floral prints and paintings.

Lastly, the print I bought today, still in the frame it came with, not sure whether to paint this frame or get another IKEA one (all ideas gratefully recieved) it cost a little more at £1.25 but still a bargain I feel.

I have also bought two of the new Cath Kidston bags from Tesco this week, a gorgeous floral (what a supprise) and a striped one, they are yummy and go perfectly with my spotty one from last time and my gorgeous handmade floral (ooh look floral again) one from Nicole.

Thanks for visiting

Trish xxx


angel said...

Oh you shoulld have kept them in there original frames Treacle, they went for a fortune on *Quantics raodshow*, tsk tsk, you should always ask me about things before you go off on one and ruin a million squid hand painting by none other than Bateesegoyafingy, well we live and learn dont we.


I love the door stops, i have some spare Fabric, what have you put inside......... dried pea's or a very small child! hummm.

Lavender hearts said...

I love the floral pics. That's what I plan on doing. I found some lovely floral cross stitch pics and some framed embroidery and I'm going to arrange them all nicely to try and hide the artex until such time as I can afford to get rid of it!

Joanne Brown said...

The doorstops are lovely! I was going to ask the same question as angel - what do you put inside them?

The pictures look great in those frames. Your wall will look gorgeous - don't forget to let us see it when you have completed it! I saw some fab floral pictures at the car booty on Monday and am kicking myself for not getting them, grrr :)

Trish said...

angel, you make me chuckle hun xxx

Jo and angel, they are filled with rice, just cheap value stuff from MrT I think there is 2kg in the big one and 1kg in the little one :)

I have been looking for cross stitch floral pics too, they make fab cushion covers :)

angel said...

Syrup there is no such thing as cheap rice! a small child is much cheaper, would you like me to find you one.hummmmm

Lace Threads said...

Florals are lovely, absolutely lovely, and yours will all look great when you've collected enough and hung them together.
I like the doorstops - lucky you getting cheapy fabric from a shop!

claire said...

I fought for years against the floral thing (scared of turning into my mother I think lol!!) but now I have to hold back!
Lovely doorstops and great bargain fabric :) X

Little sister sara said...

Hello you old bag lady of a sister of mine, I like those floral frames on your chest of drawers I wonder who's idea it was to put them there???

I am loving the blog babe keep up the good work,

I do seem to missing a small child since visiting you a few weeks ago, any ideas???


angel said...

Ooooh, Molasess, you kept your little sister quiet didnt ya, humm, is her name *Suger lump* or *Granulat-ed.* Lol
Sorry little sis could not resist, you have a great sister. *smile*

Trish said...

Oi cheeky, it was you whio made me a bag lady lol

It was my lovely sisters idea to put the frames on the chest of drawers!!!!

I think I last saw the child in the shed hun xxx

shabby chic said...

the pictures are lovely. I am trying to get together a lot of pictures to have a big picture wall. Embroideries etc. I have found a few but need popping up.