Wednesday, 6 June 2007

My Turn on The Blog

Well, today is my turn on the blog, I have done a canvas shopping bag, the main reason behind me doing it was recycling and being environmentally friendly, my Sister started me off a few months ago by buying me a little bag for my shopping, and my collection has now grown, I use them every time I go out now and don't have bags from any shops any more. Also, I don't know about everyone but I used to keep plastic shopping bags!!! WHY????? I don't know, but the plastic bag mountain has now gone and won't be coming back to this house.


joanna said...

Trish, I think it's a fab idea, and one that I will be making myself as soon as I get hold of a blank bag - I definitely want to ditch the old plastic carriers, if at all possible :) xx

Cath said...

And what a fab post it was too!

Maria said...

It was a fabulous post and a very pretty bag.

Holding my hand up to hoarding carrier bags. No idea why though.

Happy Thursday xxx