Saturday, 31 January 2009

Cub Scout

William started cubs just before Christmas and was invested a couple of weeks ago and we all went to see it, I was so proud of him, he stood tall and spoke his promise loud and clear. Sorry about the blurriness in the last pic.

Well, today its blowing a hooley out there so I think it may jusy have to be a pyjama day, I really don't feel like going out in that. I may try my hand at one of the patchwork cushions that Lace Hearts has made, the original tutorial is here, it looks fairly easy and fun to do and as I have an entire drawer full of scraps of pretty fabric I should be able to make at least one if not more.

In November I started to do the Grocery Shopping Challenge on the Shabby Chic forum and was pleased that I came in £10 under my budget of £350 for the month, December fell by the wayside somewhat, but this month I have done it again and looks like I am back on track and at least £20 under my new budget of £340 as I have been making more 'freezer' foods and stretching food out more by adding more veg and not buying so many ready foods like pizzas. Fingers crossed I can keep it up, its amazing when you start writing down all your receipt totals to see how much you have actually spent (eye opening too).

Right, thats it for today

Trish xxx

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

I did it again didn't I!!!

I must be the worlds worst blogger!!!! I have had a few nags (not mentioning any names, you know who you are mother of Jess, Jamie and Matthew) so I thought I would do a quickie update now.

We had a fab Christmas, Santa brought us a wii which included wii fit, which is fab, I have lost 3lbs since Christmas!!!
I am still working everyday at school and will be until about Easter, Avon is also crazy at this time of year with a book every two weeks!!!
My Grandad was taken into hospital just before Christmas and won't be going back home now, he has dementure and Altzeimers (sorry my spelling gets worse) and got very violent towards my nan, so he is now waiting on a place in a home. Its very sad as he was always so full of life and fun, he is definately not the man he was when me and my sis were kids.

Then, yesterday our new computer turned up wooohooooo!!! its about bloomin' time we have had the old one for 10 years, it is soo super speedy fast and I am having fun :)

I will try and be back soon with some pics
Trish xxx