Sunday, 7 December 2008

Posties Been!!!

I am such a lucky girl, the postie lady came yesterday with not one but two parcels for me, one was some lovely Prima Flower bottles for me to pretty up and a birthday pressie (which I have been very good and not opened yet, although I want to) from Jo and the other was my shabby Chic Forum swap from the lovely Mary Poppins. She has spoilt me, look at all my pretties.

I got, Four candles (or Fork handles *giggle*), a gorgeous Emma Bridgewater scented candle in a miniture mug.
Lots of Choccys and some candy canes for the kids, a mulled wine spice kit.

And a lovely Christmas Plaque, which is in pride of place hanging in my shelf unit, so thank you again Mary hun, I love it all.
Well, on Friday night me and the kids went to The Lowry in Salford Quays to see The Wizard of Oz, it was our Brownies Christmas trip, so I had 6 kids to lok after in all and they all behaved beautifully and were totally enthralled (as was I) by it. The effects were amazing and the Wicked Witch of the West was played by Lorna Luft, Judy Garlands daughter. My two enjoyed it thoroughly but were very tired when we got home just after 11pm!!! the latest they have ever been to bed.
I started to get all our Christmas decorations up yesterday, the kitchen is done as are the kids bedrooms, the dining room and living room are virtually finished, just a couple of tweaks, I will try and get some pics later.
Trish xxx

Friday, 5 December 2008

Posh Glasses

About a week ago we learned that Grace needs glasses, her left eye is very poor. When she had her eye test at 3 she struggled with the left one, we were told at the time that they would call her back another day to try again as she was probably tired. Well, life went on and I totally forgot about it, until this summer when Grace started complaining about blurriness, I phoned and got an appointment for September, she had her test and we were told that she would be best off having a glasses test, October was the rough guide to how long we would wait, well, last week she went, she had to have drops in her eyes that stung madly to open the pupil up enough for the lady to see into the back of her eye, obviously we were given a prescription, so took her straight to the optitions to choose some, well, she chose the most gorgeous pair of Barbie ones, in Barbie pink too of course. We picked them up last night and she is the belle of the ball now!!! she looks beautiful in them and loves them loads (she keeps cleaning them too, but I am sure that will wear off soon)

No craftiness or bargains this time, but I will get pics of my shelves, now they are finished and up, done soon and also some Christmas decoration ones.

Trish xxx