Thursday, 25 September 2008

More Blackberries

Long time no blog!!! well not that long, but nearly 2 weeks. Firstly I would like to thank you all for the lovely comments on my last post about our wedding, you helped to make my day xxx

On Sunday afternoon we went up the lane blackberry picking again, got a good 3.5lbs this time and some were real juicers, so I saved about 1lb for pies and used the rest to make jam, blackberry and apple, it turned out lovely (even if I do say so myself) got 7.5 jars and now 3 pies too, 2 in the freezer and one, nearly gone with hot custard last night!!! YUM!!!

Its a little more fluid than shop bought, but very nice, I have done the recipe on It's a Creative World today, we also have 2 new design team members too Jo and Paula both girls are fab designers and lovely too.
I have been out in the garden this morning, hoeing, raking and planting daffodil bulbs, so can't wait to see them in the spring, they are one of my fave flowers.
Thats it for today, thanks for visiting

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Look what I did yesterday

Most people didn't know (sorry to those we didn't tell) but we wanted small and no fuss, We got married yesterday (about time too some might say) We have been together for 10years and have 2 very beautiful children and yesterday we tied the knot.

Us in the registry office, the obligitory signing pic, with the kids and our friends.

Newly married Mr and Mrs

Us and my beautiful sister.

With the kids.

We had a wonderful day, the sun shone and as there were only 9 of us in total it was the most relaxing wedding too. I have edited this post as I forgot to blur the car pic (numpty)

Sunday, 7 September 2008

More Charity Bargains

Look what I got yesterday, and fab bargains they were too, we went down into the town were the yearly Victorian Weekend was being held, I got them from an Animal Charity stall, there were quite a few lovely things I would have liked, but as usual I had hubby and the kids with me so had to hold back a little.

The pictures were 50p each, I have already painted the frame of the larger one, it was a very dark wood and did nothing for the print. The plates are so pretty, I must get a better pic at some point, they were 50p for the 2 and the glass candle holder was also 50p, so all that booty cost me all of £2.00. I will be painting the other frame too, but need to get some primer as I think it is some kind of plastic.

We were going to pop to the boot sale this morning, but it has poured down all day, very miserable, so instead, as well as painting the frame I have been preparing myself for back to school tomorrow, making sure everything is ready. The kids have just gone out for a walk with our next door neighbours, I am sure they will have loads of fun and come home soaked to the skin, ready for a lovely warm bath.

Thanks for visiting, take care

Trish xxx

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Sneaky Peek and Another Award

I thought I would give a sneaky peak of whats on my post tomorrow on It's a Creative World

You will see more of it and a quickie tutorial tomorrow and its all thanks to Elaine of Bloomin' Myrtle.
I want to thank Caroline of Lace Hearts for this award, thank you hunny. Its a friendship award and I am so pleased (and blessed) to have her as a friend. I will need to think about the others as most of the blogs I would have chosen have already been chosen.
See you soon, thanks for visiting
Trish xxx

Monday, 1 September 2008

Blackberry Picking

The kids and I have been out, up the lane to pick blackberries this morning and look at the haul we got, just over 3lbs of lovely juicy fruit. I am going to make blackberry and apple jam with this little lot.

The postie has been today too with my August swap from Rachelle at Ted and Agnes it is the most gorgeous reversable tote bag in green, I need to go and buy myself some yummy green clothes now lol